Thursday, May 8, 2014

Grocery Store Vegetables

American grocers have found the perfect way to preserve their vegetables, while forcing the buyer to have to buy more frequently.  In America, we have water sprinklers installed above the vegetable bins.  They are set on a timer to automatically spray the vegetables frequently throughout the day to keep them fresher.

The advantage to the sprinklers is that food doesn't dry out as quickly.  It keeps leaves moistened, and also keeps foods cooler.  Sprinklers do help keep some vegetables longer.

The disadvantage to sprinklers is that they can actually cause foods to spoil quicker.  Cilantro is a perfect example.  If cilantro is wet when it is put in to the refrigerator at home, it will quickly spoil and turn black.  Potatoes and onions do not last long in moist environments.  Clearly, there should be two different sections at the grocery store; one for items that need to be wet, and one for items that need to be dry.  But usually, grocers place all items under the sprinkler, except for the potatoes and onions.  This makes the food look appetizing in the store, but causes it to spoil quickly at home.

My suggestion is to take the vegetables out of the bags when you get home and let them dry out.  Then put them inside ziplock bags to store in the fridge.  You will find that your vegetables last longer!

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