Thursday, May 8, 2014

Perpetual Vegetables

Just this past year I learned that there are some vegetables that will regrow if you cut them back.  My cleaning lady here in China planted some green onions in some pots on my patio.  She explained that I can cut them back to use, and then they will regrow.  I've been using the same green onion plants all year!  They wintered over in the mild climate here.  I just noticed the other day that she pulled up the old ones and planted new for this coming year.

I was reading on Pinterest and found that there are several other plants that are the same.  Celery, and most herbs will grow back if you just cut them back.  Back home in the States, I had a large basil plant that kept going all summer.

Here are some vegetables that I read about that can regrow after being cut back:

romaine lettuce
Bok Choy

I read that you can even cut off the top of a pineapple and plant it, and it will grow a pineapple out of the top.  I haven't tried that yet.  But I have cut back lettuce and herbs.  It's nice to have green onions whenever I need them.  And have you ever brought home Cilantro only to have it spoil quickly?  If you grow some, and just pinch off what you need, and let the rest grow back, you will always have some!

Try growing a "Kitchen garden", and try planting some "perpetual vegetables"!

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